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Advantages of Hydro Excavation
Hydro Excavation is a modern technique of excavation, which uses a pressurized stream of water to dig deeper into the ground. The water liquefies the ground, and a second operator uses a hydraulic articulating boom and hoses to draw the muddy mixture out. This method can work on any soil type, including frozen ground. And because it uses less energy, it’s better for the environment and less disruptive to daily activities.

Another major advantage of hydro excavation is its non-destructive nature. In contrast to hand digging, heavy equipment and large machinery can damage buried infrastructure. In fact, 75% of utility industry damages are caused by shovel strikes. By minimizing the risk of damage, hydro excavation companies can complete their projects more quickly and without additional repairs. Plus, the water jet will clean the area and make repairs easier. This makes hydro excavating a safer and more efficient way to dig.

Hydro excavation is an excellent choice for sites that require minimal cleanup. It is environmentally friendly, requiring little or no backfill or restoration of the site. This technique has many advantages for businesses, including increased safety. Hydro excavators are also more cost-effective and faster than standard methods. One Call, competitive pay, and above industry health benefits minimize turnover, and the company’s unique hiring process minimizes the need for multiple employees on a single job site.

Another benefit of hydro excavation is that it uses less manpower and is less intrusive on the environment. Hydro excavated dirt is carried away in debris tanks. As a result, there is less backfilling and additional repairs on the site. Hydro excavators are highly skilled in performing hydro excavation. This method is becoming increasingly popular as the most efficient method for digging underground lines. And since it doesn’t disturb soil, it’s an ideal choice for any project involving plumbing and sewers.

A hydrovac is another advantage of hydro excavation. These trucks are attached to a trailer or truck. Hydrovacs have an air compressor, suction hose, and a water tank to collect the loosened soil. The truck’s operator can inject hot water up to six hundred feet and dig up to sixty or seventy feet deep. Hydrovacs are also very fast. Hydro excavation can be used on frozen ground without any hassles.

While traditional methods of excavation can be hazardous to workers, hydro excavation eliminates the risk of a cave-in. It’s also easier to operate since you’ll only need one piece of equipment – a hydro-vac. This means less congestion on the worksite, and you can get your job done faster and more efficiently than with manual methods. In addition to being more efficient, hydro excavation is cheaper than manual digging. You can save money by employing a hydro-vac to complete your next excavation project.

Another advantage of hydro excavation is that it can expose underground lines without damaging their underground infrastructure. It’s the best method for digging in areas where underground utilities are hidden. It’s also the safest way to dig in freezing weather without damaging underground utilities. Hydro excavation can be used on sites that are difficult to access by conventional means, such as roads and utilities. Hydro excavation is a safe and cost-effective alternative to manual excavation.

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